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Three Major Differences between a CV and Resume

  If you’ve ever written a resume, whether, for yourself or someone else, you’ve probably questioned the subject of resume vs CV. Here we explore the difference and why it matters to you and your next job. A CV is a document that professionals like lawyers, doctors, and academics use to summarize their educational background and work experience for potential employers. A resume is an abbreviated list of information that focuses on what skills or knowledge an individual has that would be relevant to the position they are applying for. The goal of both documents is to showcase one's qualifications in order to secure employment; however, they differ in function as well as presentation format which can facilitate or inhibit their ability to do so. Here are some of the main differences. 1. A CV is something that is typically attached to a cover letter A resume, on the other hand, is a document used independently of a cover letter. The goal of this document is to highlight one's qual
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Reasons to put your Business on Google Maps

  It's a well-known fact that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about privacy, and hiding from the masses is an unfortunate necessity for some. But while it may be wise to trade your address for a PO Box when you're mailing packages, there's no need to hide from Google Maps. In fact, there are countless reasons why you should take the plunge and add your business to this global mapping platform. 1. You can set up an online store through Google Maps Add your location in the shape of a Point Of Interest marker which will enable users browsing nearby areas on Google Maps to access links to products or services available at that location via a 'Place page'. You can also choose to include opening hours, photos, and a link to your website in the 'Description' box. Reach potential customers on their choice of device by showing off your Google Offers coupons and reviews on both the desktop version of Google Maps, as well as the mobile app for Android and

Why Travel to Sri Lanka?

  If you're looking for a vacation outside of the box, a destination that feels a million miles away from your day-to-day life, then Sri Lanka is for you. The country's combination of lush rainforest and golden beaches has been drawing travelers to its shores for centuries. And now it’s time to see why! In this post, we will tell you what it’s like to visit Sri Lanka, with the sights and sounds that await you on your way. Let’s get started! The People: The people of Sri Lanka are generally very friendly and welcoming. And you can find yourself immersed in their culture in no time or effort at all. There are also many well-preserved Buddhist temples on the island, as well as Hindu temples. Sri Lanka is also home to a high number of churches where you can be exposed to their Christian faith. As far as the language goes, Sinhala and Tamil are spoken throughout the country. The Food: Sri Lanka has a widespread variety of healthy and nutritious foods. From the traditional curry dish

Work Life Balence with Nature

  If there is one thing that we all do its going to work. The thing about work especially for people working in an office in front of a computer is this feeling of being cluster phobic, the feeling of being closed up for eight to nine hours in a room having to do task that most people don’t enjoy doing. Most people after work usually travel back to their home where they see to their kids, clean the house and do other daily task. The next day they repeat the same thing. A never ending cycle. To disconnect and enjoy life better we recommend doing things outdoors after work such as   Eating outside surrounded by nature in your garden if you have one and enjoy the sunset and vivid work of art that changes at golden hours as the colors change with the changing shape of the clouds and the sun that sets across the horizon. Breath Fresh Air - The open space outdoors is important, and the fresh air that comes with it. Yes we know there are problems such as Mosquitos, or perhaps its too hot or t

Apple vs Android and Windows

  The debate of the decade has been a battle between which is the best? Is it Apple? Is it Android and Windows? File Transfer When is comes to tranferring files from your phone tablet to your laptop or PC there are a few different ways that it can be done depending n what device you can use. Personally I don't like transferring files using a cable. I think its old fashioned and something that should in the past, with that said lets look at transferring files wirelessly.     For Apple Users Apple users can take advantage of the Airplay feature which can transfer over 10GB of data in less than five minutes from your iPhone or iPad. A lot of people may not know this but if you have an Android phone or tablet you can transfer files to your Mac using Bluetooth however the speed is very slow and can take several hours to transfer the data wirelessly.      For Android or Windows users For Windows users the only option is Bluetooth which again is very slow and not ideal to use when you hav

Digital Notebooks vs Paper Notebooks

Paper Notebooks vs Digital Notebooks After using both Paper and Digital Notebooks for years we have come to the conclusion that Digital Notebooks are Better that Paper Notebooks  Paper Notebooks Store less information where the more pages that are there the heavier the Notebook is Dangerous or very expensive to dispose if the information is sensitive If you want to get rid of your Notebook but want your information to be safe from prying eyes the only guaranteed method of doing so is by using an expensive paper shredder or burning however burning releases toxic smoke and carcinogens that can be harmful our health in addition to that burning may cause injury to the fingers or even death a burning paper  were blown for the wind and ignited something flammable   Securely storing the Notebook requires a safe. Only hand written text, hand drawn diagrams and printed pictures can be used. Availably only if the user takes the Notebook with her/him Digital Notebooks Store More information as mu

Life's perspective from a Modern South East Asian

My teenage life " Life is much brighter as you made your day brightest" that's my greatest facts of proverbs of insights of my mind. My teenage life was a quite fun and exciting towards those challenges that I may be facing, I choose to be strong and be confident to strive hard and foster the things that I desire. Becoming an adolescent is not so easy , I experienced beyond close doors, wanting attentions of others, neglected, having low self-esteem and others. But in-fact it made me stronger and resilient, instead of thinking any suicidal activity, I definitely sincerely close to God almighty. By telling the facts about being a teenager is not so easy as people might think of. They are more likely struggling by choosing right or wrong and experience adjustments in life. As what i experience I was on the verge of darkness by knowing myself more and started to ask myself" who I am" as I confused. Yes I am. As moving forward I totally look back or reminisce to

Learn What is Handloom in 20 Seconds

Handloom describes the way in which cotton threads are intricately woven together by hand on wooden looms to create vibrant colored patterned cloth. Nature inspired, pure cotton yarn is home spun from cotton plants home grown and dyed with the natural dyes from seeds, bark, roots and flowers. The threads, are then spun into spindles before being used in a pit loom. The spindles in use are the same ones that were used in ancient times. The spinners sit on the floor and use their spinning wheels to spin the cotton fibers into beautiful threads. (Reminds you of Hans Christian AndersonĂ¢€™s fairy tales). Today, the same looms also weave beautiful natural silk cloth , to me colorful scarves, clothes and table runners. Handloom textile weaving is a very rich traditional and cultural heritage in Sri Lanka. Lately a cottage home-based industry with the knowledge passed down through generations. The weaves are very proud of their creations and spend hours at their women pit looms weaving
Laptop Bag 220 - An inspiration from Adventure To travel the world, is to archive something great, something amazing, something that wasn’t possible for hundreds of years until the invention of the aircraft in 1908 which brought this technology to mankind and allowed people to travel anywhere, in a matter of hours. Just as this technology is amazing, and traveling the world is fun, and enjoyable, our devices haven’t kept up with the pace in terms of strength and durability. They have become fragile and vulnerable making us focus more on babysitting a device rather than enjoying it. The Kaysona Laptop Bag 220 is built for the Global Traveller with padding all around to keep any 13 or 15 inch laptop safe from bumps, knocks or even hard landing during touch down in an aircraft.  It can be stored away in a backpack like a laptop sleeve or carried casually, with its double-stitched handle that wraps around the bag which is made from the same material the bag is made of to
Hyperspace Handmade Coconut Ring The new Hyperspace rings, named after the Hyperspace-like-effect on the ring, is made from real Coconut shells in Sri Lanka and comes in white and brown, each is handmade and unique in terms of its pattern and subtle differences in design. When I first wore the Hyperspace ring, the reaction I got was priceless, many people thought it cost thousands of dollars and was made from Ivory and Gold! When I told them it was made from Coconut and the what looked like Gold was steel wire they were in disbelief! I had to take the ring off and let them physically examine it, in order to convince them.  One of the best things about this ring is that, once it’s polished, moisture and humidity are no longer a problem. It can be worn for a long time before it starts showing signs of usage. The best part is, that this ring helps you connect with nature, whether at work or in the city, making an impression wherever you go and complimenting your style in the p